Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Recent changes to social media platforms mean pages are getting less exposure and fewer people are seeing social media posts. Social Media advertising can be a cost effective way to promote your business versus traditional advertising methods. This course will explore all social media advertising options and take you through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising platforms to set up your first campaign. Advertising on Social Media can provide a number of new opportunities to businesses.

Join our one-day ‘Social Media Advertising‘ course which includes:


  • Setting up a Facebook advertising campaign
  • Exploring ad formats and aligning these to brand objectives
  • Targeting your ideal online audience via advertising
  • Creating custom audiences
  • Capitalising on double screen viewing
  • Remarketing on Facebook – integrating website and apps
  • Reporting on your Facebook ads
  • Optimising ad campaigns for further growth



  • Setting up Twitter ads
  • Creating Twitter ad formats
  • Twitter ad targeting and strategies
  • Remarketing through Twitter
  • Reporting on your Twitter ads
  • Optimising Twitter ads for further growth


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On January 24, 2017