Digital Boost Programme

Digital Boost Programme

The Digital Boost Programme is your digital marketing support programme to accelerate your business growth and development. A dedicated digital consultant offers support and encouragement by providing you with the latest news about digital marketing developments, future digital trends, how-to guides, outsourced digital services and one to one support when you need it.

The Digital Boost Programme delivers tailored digital marketing support to your business through a wide range of formats and you can create your own support package consisting of one to one mentoring, personalised individual or team training, outsourced digital marketing activities, strategy development and analysis. Think of this like having an experienced Digital Marketing Manager within your business, without the annual salary.

To ensure we create an amazing impact on your business, this programme is 3 months in length and requires this commitment upfront. This is essential to make sure that a strategic plan is formulated, actioned and the impact measured. Too often we see small, disjointed campaigns that take too much time, energy and cost, not delivering the necessary long-term marketing results.


Who is at HQ?

Emma Gribben – Digital Marketing Consultant

Emma is a digital marketing consultant, mentor and trainer working with start-ups, SMEs, brands and agencies across NI, ROI, UK and Europe.

Emma offers solutions across digital strategy, website performance enhancement, social media, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, online PR and influencer marketing. As a training partner to Google Squared Online, Google Digital Academy and Google Digital Garage programmes as well as the Facebook Digital Skills Training programme, Emma has insights into the latest digital trends, platforms and activities to continually give businesses a competitive edge.

Emma’s training clients include global brands Aer Lingus, Pandora, Vodafone and Electrolux as well as  Arts Council of Ireland, Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank, Belfast Telegraph and Monaghan Mushrooms.


Sarah Morrow – Digital Marketing Executive 

Sarah is a Digital Marketing Executive, working across an exciting range of client accounts as well as evolving her own skills as a modern digital marketer.

Sarah develops digital marketing campaigns for clients across email marketing, SEO, social media and content marketing with enthusiasm and efficiency.

Her working background includes digital marketing, freelance blogging and marketing and PR assistance. Sarah is a graduate of Ulster University in Communications Management and Public Relations and uses her advertising, marketing and communications insight in her daily work. She is self-driven, creative and loves to see clients achieve their digital marketing goals.


How does it work?

The Digital Boost programme gives you 10 hours of expert digital marketing support each month, for a minimum of 3 months in duration. Your 10 hours can be spent in any way you choose, allocated to any of the activities below.

Audit and Digital Strategy Development

To assist your annual, quarterly or monthly plans, this offering can audit your current channels, conduct research on your competitors, develop an aspirational yet achievable strategy or analyse your performance to enable future optimisation and growth.

One to One Mentoring

One to one mentoring gives you the chance to work on real life business issues with the support of a experienced digital marketer. Delivered virtually, these sessions will be arranged for a day and time that suits you, where you set the agenda and focus for the session based on current business needs.

Digital Training

Many businesses want to take their digital marketing knowledge in-house and this training support can help you and your team grow. Choose from over 10 training courses, where you can mix and match to meet your digital training needs. Invite up to 9 colleagues to your training for no extra cost!

Digital Marketing Action

Even with the best will in the world, implementing your digital marketing actions takes time. If you need your website SEO optimised, or require social media content developed for next month this solution can help reduce that To-Do list and let you focus on other areas of your business.


To arrange an initial discussion to find out how the Digital Boost Programme can help your business, book a 30min call with me at a date and time that works for you: 

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On June 07, 2021