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Digital Audit For Your Business

If you are planning to develop your digital efforts this year the best place to start is by taking stock of what you have already achieved. You can do this through a Digital Audit. This also enables you do identify new opportunities for growth.

What Is A Digital Markting Audit?

A Digital Marketing Audit reviews all your digital activity to date and gives you the necessary information to create actionable, effective and logical solutions to enhance your digital performance. It will review a range of elements in one succinct recommendations report so you know what areas of your digital marketing need improvement and how to make that happen.

What Does A Digital Marketing Audit Include?

  • A review of your presence on search
  • A review of your website structure and usability
  • Google Analytics goals and e-commerce tracking review
  • Analysis of your performance on Social Media: current online reputation and level of online mentions, page fans, engagement and leads
  • Channel review applicable to all digital channels being utilised at present including channel delivery analysis to identify which channels deliver results and which need improvement
  • Online competitor analysis – who has the biggest impact online
  • Market trends and identification of developments to boost digital presence for the year ahead
  • Recommendations report for improvement – Easy steps you can action to BOOST your digital marketing.


How Can I Get Started?

I can deliver a Digital Marketing Audit for your business within a one week turnaround once all logins and details have been shared. Contact me today to discuss this in more detail see how we can improve your digital performance straight away.



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On January 24, 2017