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Content Marketing Plan

Quite simply, good content enables your website to rank higher on search engines and encourages more people to interact with your brand. Content Marketing enables YOUR website to benefit from links from other relevant and reputable websites and will attract more visitors to your website. If you think that your business could benefit from a Content Marketing Plan that will deliver engaging, effective, shareable content about or related to your business, across a range of innovative and interesting formats, get in touch.

A Content Marketing Plan includes:

  • SEO analysis – looking at keywords that people use when trying to find you and your competitors
  • Review of your website meta descriptions, page titles and page content
  • Creation of an annual content marketing calendar for your business
  • Identification of popular websites and online personalities that can boost your business online



Content Marketing Management

Creating good content for your business can be a timely task and you may not have somebody in-house with the time or skills to deliver this for you. Fret not, as I can manage your monthly Content Marketing across a range of formats to drive increased traffic to your business.

Monthly Content Marketing Management includes:

  • Monthly SEO report to identfy which keywords you now rank higher for
  • Creation of effective content marketing formats and the distribution of each; blog posts, infographics, videos, soundbites, images etc
  • Building partnerships with popular websites and online personalities that are suitable to your business and industry
  • Monthly recommendations report for continual improvement

See how easy this is to set up – get in touch today!


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On January 24, 2017